The Art of the Deal for dummies (!).

Another day, another Fox News slobber job about Trump. Hannity was apparently too busy staring at himself in the mirror to write this one, so Fox selected Bradley Blakeman to fellate the President.

Last known picture of Bradley Blakeman.

Brad is not what you would call a “deep thinker”—or, for that matter, a “thinker.” He’s more known for pieces like, “Why Does Obama Keep Bowing?” I’m sure, then, that he happily put on the knee pads and tagged in for Hannity.

Agent:  Fox News called. They need someone to write a column fawning over Trump. You in?

Brad: What’s fawning?

Agent: They just want you to write a column saying nice things about Trump.

Brad: What’s a column?

Agent: Jesus. We’ve been through this Brad. Twice. It’s when someone writes a series of words about a topic.

Brad: What’s fawning?

Agent:  Fuck this. I quit.

Anyway, Brad’s column is titled, “Want to understand Trump? It’s as simple as ‘The Art of the Deal’ for dummies.” Yeah. Read that again. “The Art of the Deal for dummies”?  For. Dummies. Wasn’t the original version intended for dummies? Isn’t dumbing down The Art of the Deal like trying to create cliff notes for a coloring book? I mean, come on.

But, if anyone can dumb down The Art of the Deal, I guess it’s the guy who cracked the great mystery of Why Obama Keeps Bowing?

Let’s see where Brad goes with this.

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