The “center-right country” myth and smoldering dog shit.

Douglas Schoen wrote a Fox News column dispensing unsolicited advice to Democrats about Douglas-Schoen-sanctioned ways to oppose President Grab-Her-By-The-Pussy. Never heard of Douglas Schoen? Really? Well, you should have. He’s sort of a big deal. According to his biography, he’s “widely recognized as one of the co-inventors of overnight polling.” Whoa. Yeah. That guy. He’s only a little less famous than the guy who is widely recognized as being one of the first to put weather forecasts online.

The article’s general theme is that Democrats must start shimmying farther to the right to take on Trump. The premise to his argument, as is always the premise to arguments like these, is that this is a center-right country. This premise, however, is a giant, smoldering pile of dog shit.

In case you’re more of a visual person, here you go:

(That’s not dog shit? Oh, really? Really? It would take a dog the size of Neptune to create that much shit, you say? Yeah. I know that. Thank you. YOU find an online picture of a large pile of smoldering dog shit and then you can re-write this fucking column.)

Clears throat.

Now, let’s take a look at the column and get to the bottom of this center-right nonsense:

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